Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Condo Living....

I have no clue how condo living would be in Curaç high enough buildings there, so I am speculating! Now, I do now how condo living goes in Miami...not that great these last few days.

Since moving to Miami, almost 8 years ago, we have lived in condos. A splendid idea: no garden to tend, no lawn to mow, no preparations for hurricanes,......the list is endless. So much nicer! Of course, this also comes with getting along with one's neighbors, putting up with annoying ones and knowing when do one's rights end and the neighbors start...not always easy.

In our first building, we were isolated, sort to speak because our apartment was on the corner. Most times I had no idea what was going on anywhere on our floor, above or below. There were the usual moving days, the renovations here and there, but it was rather quiet. The problems there were of another nature: management, foreclosures.... Anyway, it got bad enough that we needed to move.

In March, we moved to the building next door. We are now much higher on the thirty first floor with absolutely magnificent views of the city skyline; as opposed amazing views of Biscayne Bay. Management is helpful, reliable and efficient. Neighbors have been polite, pleasant, friendly.....until these past few days.

The apartment above us has been a source of the noise at all hours of the day for days. Furniture is dragged, doors slammed, things thrown. Last night, it was midnight and they were moving things around. Repetitive complains have made no difference. Here I am sitting at my computer trying to get my messages is being dragged I am becoming rather miffed.

Today I left for the day. Spent my time walking up and down the mall...something I do not enjoy! Visited my sister and then came home, thinking that all will be over. After all, I was told the people upstairs had bought a new apartment and were moving!!! It was on my way in that I learned that they are just visitors: absolutely inconsiderate ones as it is. The apartment has been lent to a family with three children! What kind of children are these? and what kind of parents? Can't wait for them to leave!

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