Monday, September 24, 2007

Where is HOME?

A good friend gave me food for thought today. Terri read this blog and wondered.... where is home? I am no expert, but I think it has to do with the way expats see themselves. In olden times, they always referred to their native countries as home; maybe because it gave them a sense of security while living in a place completely different from what they were used to. Still, in many cases, once they went back home readjusting was hard and many never felt they did.

This still happens. When you live abroad for many years, you don't belong anywhere anymore..... but the thought of a place called home is reassuring, isn't it? On the other hand, a lot of expats do adjust to their new homes and happily live there forever.

Anywhere you go, there are the expats that never stop calling they native country home, look forward to the annual visits and would love to move back. Ah, don't know about that. Readjusting to life back home may not be as easy as we think. When you live abroad, you move on, you change in ways too subtle to even notice, but you do... and not everyone understand this back home. So going back is not always possible and one is forever at odds with family and friends one left behind.... that hasn't changed.

So, where is home? My friend is sure Denmark is her home now. She learned the language, raised her children there, feels accepted and has contributed to her community....home is where you hang up your hat, she said. I couldn't agree more! Home is where you hang up your hat or more important where your heart is.

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Maria said...

Mercedes, tu libro es de esos libros que cuando comienzas a leerlo NO quieres o NO puedes parar!
Tiene la "magia" de transportarte al lugar (en mi caso como yo vivi alla por casi 19 años) me senti de nuevo como si estuviera viviendo esos años atras, recuerdos inolvidables, como dicen en ingles "Home is where your heart is" Besos, Mary