Friday, September 21, 2007

Aerial Plants

I was in Boston this past week with my husband and daughter. It has changed so much, and it is beautiful! The air was crisp, the sky blue and there was a hint of Fall. One night we visited the North End, Boston's version of Little Italy....walked around, had an excellent dinner. With us was the daughter of friends, I have known her all her life. She is engaged , her fiance is from Boston, she from Miami. We talked about choosing where to live, where to raise children. Not an easy decision to make. In my time, there was no doubt about following your husband.... nowadays both partners have equal saying. When I married, I moved to Curacao, to Puerto Rico, to Miami and finally back to Curaçao. I did it and thought little of it, even when I had some qualms about raising my children away from my side of the family.

One thing I have discovered, mutual respect for each other's ways is very important. Embrace your differences and appreciate your similarities. Then you will discover that you can do it, you can thrive, make a life and build friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime. Your children will grow up open-minded, independent and accepting, at least that has been my experience. You make your own family traditions, your own ways. It is liberating sometimes!

More often than not, when you move from place to place or to a place that is not HOME, you become self-sustaining, like an aerial plant. You remember those? beautiful and lush without the need to put roots on the ground! It continues to be hard to keep moving on, but you learn to belong everywhere and nowhere. You only have to let go and adapt, the world is indeed a village!

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