Friday, September 28, 2007

Book Reading!!!!!

Well, I did it! Last night I had my book reading at Books & Books in Coral Gables. Friends and family came and patiently listened to my ramblings.... I picked different passages, the parts I truly like and remind me so much of Curaçao. Needless to say than more than once I was a bit emotional and had a hard time with while reading about some event or another.... but nothing happened, no crying or hysterical laugh! That would have been something in front of so many people. Some of them do not know me well. Others know me too well and would not have been surprised!

These were my fifteen minutes , and I have to say I throughly enjoyed them! Regardless of my reservations, I can speak in public without making a fool of myself. Of course, I now wish I did things differently.....more pictures with my friends and family, more details to send to my children who were not there, too much of the book given away, wrong refreshments, who knows, I can always find something wrong in hindsight. What to do now....... Such is Life in the Tropics!!!!! Everyone was extremely nice and considered, praising my book, my presentation. I signed some books and I hope Books & Books is pleased with the sales. All that's left now is see how the book continues to sell, and isn't it the reason I did this?

When I was in Curaçao in December, I had a book signing event. My friends that know me well were there, I even sold a couple of books that day; but mostly it was a relatively lonely affair. I sat in my friend Alicia's store and waited for people to come to me. I think I am much better when I can communicate....or how my husband puts it: drive everyone crazy with my chat! Is that so bad? In this modern world we are losing the art of conversation, of exchanging ideas. We have even lost the art of writing properly with all that texting going back and forth! Oops! I am showing my age here.....

So for everyone that tells me that I only find faults with Miami, here it is: this was a much successful event than the one I had back home!!!!!!!!

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