Saturday, July 7, 2007

It's cool in Curaçao!

Yes, believe it or not that is what I am hearing from different sources. That is great! Here I am sort of broiling in Miami, slow cooking might be more accurate, and there things are cooler than they have been in years this time of the year. If I had any doubts about the craziness of global warming, this can be what changes my mind.

Usually this time of the year, when most everyone that CAN leaves the island for a holiday abroad, the weather is impossible. It is hot and it rains and your AC (airco for all of you in the know!) becomes your best friend. You stay indoors and watch TV or read, take naps, avoid visiting anyone. Remember suspended animation? Even visits to the supermarket and other errands are spaced out as much as you can. You consume gallons of liquids, preferably ice cold water, but drinks of any kind are also welcomed. You dress in cool fabrics, flowy dresses and if you are smart, you'll wear a hat when venturing out in the sun. The beach becomes a magnet, but better be prepared to get sunburned even in the shade! Slather on the sunblock and keep to the shade when not in the cool water. Wear your hat and make sure you drink a lot! Otherwise no one goes out until after sundown. That is the best part: everyone else left on the island comes out as well, and you can meet all your friends in one place.

Sounds just the thing I need at the moment, especially since everyone tells me it's cooler this year! In the meantime, Miami is like a sauna: high temperatures and high humidity. Feels like you don't want to be anywhere outdoors unless they are giving out money....... maybe not even then. Even with central air conditioning at home there is something not quite comfortable with this weather. Maybe is the thought that we are in hurricane season and any calm can precede a storm. So far we have been lucky, let's keep our fingers crossed!

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