Monday, July 2, 2007

Growing feathers or gills!!

I know I have been talking and talking about the Tropics. Telling everyone I miss the life you can live there: casual, laid-back, relaxed, just about perfect. Well, I forgot one simple thing: RAIN!!!
Yes, not in my island paradise, but in other tropical parts. Visiting my mother in the last couple of weeks in Panama....... I was sure I would be either growing feathers or gills!!!

For the last 20 years or so, I have always visited Panama during the glorious dry season. Extending from November to April, more or less, this Tropical season called summer is absolutely beautiful. Sunny days, breezes that go from a slight breath of air to a full blown North wind. Mornings are cool and at the height of the day there is a pleasant heat that makes you think of the beach, or better yet... a cool river. Everyone takes vacations, mostly within the country, and children are off school. Nights are clear and fresh and the wind sings in the trees. If you are near the ocean, the palm trees rustle like an applause. So beautiful!

Not this time! It rained since I arrived. Panama City, in the middle of a building boom, is a maze of crazy traffic, streets running with mud and humidity ....... like being in a fish bowl. Driving to the small city where my mother lives, I had to stop twice by the side of the road because I couldn't see the cars in front of me. Took me about an hour and a half longer to get there.

Once I settled to my visit, I got thunder and lightning accompanied by torrential rain that lasted for about 12 hours! Water seeped under the doors and through windowsills because of the wind. When the sun came out, shyly from behind dark clouds, the humidity rose to about 100%. My straight hair developed a wave, I started sneezing and sweating. You couldn't stick a BandAid in your skin. After that, it was all down hill. It rained most every day and nights were so hot and sticky. Thank God for air conditioning, the only way to survive in that climate.

So, is this the Tropics I want to have? NEE!! I want dry and cool days, gentle breeze and access to a turquoise blue sea. I want to be able to wash my hair and let it dry.....straight and by itself. Not at all interested in these other Tropics. Unfortunately, my mother is not well and lives there. Visits will continue for the rest of the year, at least. I wonder how I would look with feathers; and would they be dark or fluffy yellow? and gills? would they be uncomfortable? or would they actually help me with my allergies? I must be going crazy.

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B said...

Hello, Sunset Goddess. You are bringing back many sweet memories!