Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Doesn't anyone play bridge in the US anymore? Someone told me the other day that it is an old-fashioned game. Little old ladies play it... that's it; everyone is into poker nowadays. Well, their loss, I can tell them. Bridge is a social grace, what is poker? gaming? that is the latest verb invented to put a spin on the real fact: people gamble, they don't game.

Never mind that. Bridge is very social, bringing people together. Remember? you play with a partner! In expatriate circles, and I guess very old-fashioned ones, it is still played with passion. I did for over 20 years with the greatest group of women you can imagine. Every Wednesday, if I was home in Curaçao, I played bridge. We took turns hosting; each home providing its own details: what was served, where we played, inside or out, the views, the breeze, the drive there and even the music the hostess played or not.

We started early with coffee or tea and something sweet. Lively conversation followed: children, trips, household help, upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, we discussed everything. We were concerned when one of us got sick, divorced or depressed. It was like a visit to a shrink and so much easier and relaxed. In many ways we were each other's best friends, a support system. We were once described as a warm blanket. How appropriate. We truly cared for each other's troubles, even if we only listen to them on Wednesday mornings; most of the time that is all one needs.

Studies recently released say that women that have friends to talk to, confide in and count on, live better and happier lives. They live longer and seldom get depressed. Could that be done gaming? You tell me, sounds like gaming is a pretty individual sport! So, here's is to bridge! May I find some old-fashioned ladies to play again.... SOON!


Catharina said...

Hi Mercedes,

I totaly agree, playing bridge is so much more fun. One can laugh and learn from a mistake and still be happy but when you play poker you go home sometimes feeling depressed because you lost money or happy because you won. The first one can linger for quite some time and the second one fades away after you have bought groceries and money is gone. Now all of us from your wednesdaygroup still remembers the good convesation after 25 years. We miss you tot gauw Kitty

Pleasance said...

Good words.