Monday, January 16, 2012

Things close to our hearts....

Just something short.....when I was in Curaçcao, went to see Marja. She is battling a very aggressive type of breast cancer. I have wanted to see her since I was there in March; somehow I missed her at that time, haven't been back. So I was not going to miss her this time.

Found her at her home, looking thin, short salt-and-pepper hair, cheerful as always, positive as I have never seen her, ready to talk about what is coming and not a tear in sight! I am so proud to be her friend. Marja has always have this sunny disposition. She can see the good in everyone and everything, she is never judgmental, never critical, never hurtful. She is generally happy and cheerful, ready to make your day brighter with her attitude. You just can't help loving Marja!

She'll be 70 on the 27th and s celebrating, as she has celebrated other birthday: 40, 50, 60.....This time her daughter is giving a cocktail party at her home on the Friday night. I am expecting to get my passport in time to fly back. This is a celebration I would not want to miss.

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