Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year......

Cannot believe I have been away for a month and change! Oh, well, it's the way it works. The Holidays came and went. Camille and Tim came to spend time with us, it was wonderful! Then I was surprised with a trip to Curaçao...YES, Frankie and I spent a week on the island. Batteries charged and head clear. Needed that, and I got to spend more time with Camille.

Christmas was hectic, but great. Time to see family and sharing time with my children. Everyone came to the house for Christmas Day dinner: my sisters, my niece and nephew, significant others. After Christmas Eve with around 80 relatives on Frankie's side, my small family group was blissful! Good company, good times, gift exchange, fabulous view from our balcony, pictures and fun, couldn't have asked for anything better. Perfect!

On Boxing Day (to celebrate the Brit part of the group), a trip to the Upper Keys...not a great success because we didn't get to the beach, but definitely a good time with our children, Tim and Veronica.....By the way, if you need a good relaxing day, just head down and stop somewhere for good food and drinks, watch the sunset and head back. You do not have to make it to Key West!!! I will do that this year, though.

The days were warm and lazy, most of them spent by the pool, drinks and dinner with friends, Camille's birthday and more drinks. It was just right. Then, early flight to the island and the beach! Of course, welcoming the New Year at Tony and Valerie's, it was just like old times. The fireworks, the smoke and the noise, all welcoming the New Year, felt familiar and comfortable. The beach was relaxing and cleansing, need to get back more often. Saw almost everyone. Loved it.

A beach wedding at sunset, with superb dinner and dancing was an added bonus. Totally enjoyed the ceremony in the late afternoon, under white umbrellas and straw hats! Too soon we headed back and got into the routine of Miami. Hoping this year will bring Health, Wealth and Happiness in huge quantities. Started too good to be otherwise. So to all of you, hang in there.....ignore the ghastly Mayan predictions and concentrate on all the good things you want for this year. Just picture them, and they will come true!!! HAPPY 2012!!!!

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