Monday, August 29, 2011

High of the season...

This is the high of the hurricane season. There is no mistaking this: it is so stormy in Miami. Dark clouds, heavy with rain, downpours, thunder and lightning, winds. You can see it from my balcony, downtown is cover in mist and rain is falling. Cannot see the port of Miami, much less Miami Beach. The waters of the bay are gray and sprinkled with white caps. Nothing and nobody is out there, who would want to! It's eerie, it gives you chills. Miami Summer weather at it's best.....or should I say worst?? who knows.

Irene came and went along the East coast, with much less force than expected...more rain too! There was no mass destruction, buildings collapsing, weathermen been blown away by gusts of wind...some people actually think this was a bad thing. It should have been everything they told us it was going to be. Really? who are these people? and will they heed the message next time? Never the less, there are more than 4 million people without power, flooding is extensive from North Carolina to Vermont. Billions of dollars will be needed to put things right. Where are we getting that money? Natural disasters do not help the economy!

Miami had a mostly nice weekend, have time for a few hours of sunbathing by the pool. Today, a different story: unpredictable. Do not want to be here when moving and getting out of the way of a storm would prove impossible. Let's move somewhere safe, soon!

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