Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The end of Summer, time for another holiday

It is a couple of weeks to Labor Day, that so American Holiday that marks the end of Summer. In Miami, it has been a long season, dragging along in heat and humidity. The weatherman tells us that it has broken a record set in 1952: 38 days of 90º plus and no relief in sight. Getting out has become an ordeal of sorts. Thunderstorms every afternoon, but thankfully, we have seen no hurricanes in the Atlantic this far. We are already in the letter "H".

When one moves to Miami, this is not what one expects. Beaches, nightlife, celebrities, mild Winters and great shopping are things one expects. This is, after all, a transit place, more touristy than permanent. There are advantages to that, I am sure.

Summer is always a time when I wish I was somewhere else. In recent years, I have been traveling to Panama a lot. Some of those trips are in the Summer, not that is better there. Still, I love the fact that I can get out of any storm that might come this way! August is usually the worst month for hurricanes: Camille, David, Hugo, Andrew, name a few. They have all come in August and left deep scars everywhere. So, yes, I am more than grateful than we have had none so far.

Soon school will start in this part of the country. Children will go back to routines and parents will go back to traffic jams. Everyone will start talking about the end of Summer, as if this is a fact. No, it will still be hot and humid and hurricane season continues until December first. It will not cool off for a while. In my book, that just means the unofficial Summer will be with us.
Definitely need another holiday!

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