Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer is here!!!!

Yes, it's not officially Summer yet, but we know it has arrived. Children are getting off school soon, friends that are teachers have begun counting days on their Facebook pages and everyone is talking about vacations. I remember those days in Curaçao! Children couldn't wait, expat friends started getting tickets for their trips home, the ones that were not traveling were planning vacation activities for the children....memories, but do not get me wrong. I have no desire to have school age children. Do not have the energy. Besides, I don't have the savvy either...children these days know too much and are allowed too much saying in plans and things.....NEEEE!

I do, though, miss the planning of vacations, the looking forward to being away from home for a while and visiting other parts, going to see friends and family in distant lands. I miss the staying behind on the island and going to the beach every day with friends and their children. I miss the closeness that came from that. I miss the fact that all activities ceased: from school activities to club meetings to bridge playing. The whole place went into suspended animation.

I remember the Summer parties, more like get togethers. I remember the simple pleasures of finding fresh fruits and veggies not found during the rest of the year, the fact that it stayed bright and sunny well into the night, just like back home, but better! It was indeed a magical time. I don't think everyone saw it that way...but I did and I miss it.

Summer is here in Miami. The days are so bright your eyes hurt and so humid you can hardly go out without looking for an air conditioned place to duck into. Even my usually straight hair get frizzy...yuck! I go out into my balcony and see the swimming pools around our building: full of people enjoying the warm weather, splashing around until it gets dark in the evening. Looks like fun...or not! They must be tourists.....people from Miami cannot live without their the term airco better though!

Having no children in school, planning a vacation this time of the year lost its charm a long time ago. I do not enjoy going anymore to places full of screaming children and the beaches in the area have not really made me want to sit by the water and enjoy the sun with a Tropical drink in my hand.....the swimming pool in our building is enough, but I do miss those days!!! So what to do? Plan a trip!!!

This weekend, that is exactly what I'll do. Plan a trip, not back to Panama. It's been too many times in the last few years and for the wrong reason. No, this time I want to see Camille in London, to visit Thelma in see Europe in the Summer after years of traveling only during the cooler months. It's going to be an adventure, one I am looking forward too!

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