Monday, May 9, 2011

Reflexions on Mother's Day......

Yesterday was Mother's day. Celebrated in most countries in the world, this is a day to spend with mothers making sure they feel appreciated and we are grateful for all they have done and do for us. Stores and business go out of their way to promote this day, adverts everywhere point out to the best presents we should buy and the best places we can take Mom for brunch or dinner or something. It sounds beautiful and make a lot of us feel guilty and we go out of our ways to get presents, eat too much and spend time around our mothers fuzzing...really. It becomes overwhelming....I have a bit of a problem with all this celebration.

I subscribe to the premise that every day is Mother's Day. It is everyday that we should show our love and appreciation, it is everyday that we should be there when they need us and it is everyday we should behave in the matter they have taught us. That is the way to honor them properly....but what do I know. After all, am I not a mother? In the opinion of many children these days, we do not know much. Period.

Anyway, I did go out for a lovely brunch with my husband and son. Nothing too much and very appropriate. There was an older lady in the company of her daughter and granddaughter, now that is a thing I would have loved! My mother and I and my daughter. I missed them, especially Camille so far away in London. She did call, but that hardly takes the place of a hug, a touch, her presence. Everyday is Mother's Day, so everyday, I wish she was nearer.......

We got back home and I had a lazy Sunday which suited me just fine. On Mother's Day, the last thing I want is work on anything! I did check my Facebook messages and sent some to friends. Went for a long walk in the late afternoon, time to reflect and to enjoy what is out there. Would have loved some company, but as soon as I left our building realized this walk was my present to myself......loved it!

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