Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sailboats on Biscayne Bay.......

Differently from other bays, coves, ports, beaches and the like, Biscayne Bay doesn't seem to attract sailboats.....I have no clue why. While living and traveling in the Caribbean, while visiting Panama's coastal towns and in any other place by the sea...I have been soothed by the sight of sails out against the blue sea. Very seldom do I see them on Biscayne Bay. There are sailboats alright, but with their sails rolled up and using their motors.......

In the late afternoon on weekdays, there is a type of Asian junk with a large red sail that takes tourists on a tour of the Bay. Coming back, with the sun setting, it presents a glorious view. That is about it, most of the time. On the other hand, there are motor boats and Skidoos galore. Why is that? What is it with people and speed? The waters of the Bay can be so blue and calm, reflecting the light and the planes that fly low ready to land at MIA. A small white sail would look breathtaking.....or maybe it's only me.

Well, this week, when the weather has been at its best, cool and sunny , with a slight breeze......I saw one sailboat! Alone on the water and listing with the breeze, the sail fluttering, it looked beautiful! I went out into our balcony just to follow it until it disappeared towards Key Biscayne.
It brought back so many memories and it made me smile. What a simple look outside and lose oneself in the sight of a small sailboat cutting the waves on Biscayne Bay!!!

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