Friday, November 7, 2008

Sunset over Biscayne Bay

I have started to walk again...well, sort of. My broken toe is healing, finally, and I am getting out in the late afternoon to walk around our small island. Needless to say, the exercise is absolutely necessary! Even the weather is cooperating and is much better; some days it's even cool! So, armed with my iPod, with music that can keep me moving...I walk every afternoon. There are such memories in that!

I get out of our building's pool area and into the walkway....turn right and go. Most people move the opposite way, but I want to see the open water and the sunset....alright, you'll say I'm walking Eastwards.... so what sunset? That's the beauty of it...the sun cannot be seen over the buildings that now cover the other side of the water. The Brickell area is a concrete jungle...but Mother Nature has found a way. Above and between the buildings and into the bay spill the colors of the retreating sun....and what colors!

Once I turn into the side of the island along the Miami River, I can see the port of Miami and the end tail of Miami Beach and farther on Fisher Island. The tall buildings on the far side reflect those colors in a wonderful way. Golds, reds and violets, yellows and oranges shine blindingly on the glass windows and doors. The sky turns pink or gold and color surrounds you. It is breathtaking!

As in other places I have walked, very few people lift their heads up to look....what is it with them? Am I the only one that still likes sunsets?

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