Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Think Pink!!!

When I moved to Miami, I told myself that making new friends was out of the question. Many times here, I have said that I love old friends, people that know me well and need no explanations about my life or my actions. That is true, in many ways I still hold that to be one of my great truths. Of course, life has a way of making us rethink our words....

Last year I bought, on an impulse, a book called The Hindi-Bindi Club, by Monica Pradhan. It was a wonderful read and I contacted the author and told her so. She turned out to be a warm and friendly young woman.....and she has started a forum with other readers on the premise that "if they can connect with my book they can connect with each other". I was not too sure about this, anything done through the internet seems to me very impersonal..... I know some of you might agree, not for everyone..... but she was right and new friendships have developed. The forum is very supportive too.

Now one of us is in a position many women find themselves...she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I really like her and, without meeting personally, we have developed a friendship I didn't think could be achieved. Her surgery is this Friday, June 6th. Our small group has decided to wear pink that day, all of us from all over the world: in the UK, in India, in Canada, in the US.....will be wearing pink! How is that for moral support? I love it! Our friend in India has a new entry in her couture shopping pink is also going to happened!

So, yes, new friendships are not really my thing...having to explain myself again or having to start anew makes me weary. Who knows if and when I meet some of these women how are we going to take each other. I have no clue, but so far it seems like a good idea. It feels comfortable, amazingly, it feels right and I can't be against that. As soon as she gets better, I am planning to go visit my new friend. In the meantime, I will keep her in my prayers and my thoughts in a positive mode!

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