Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Afternoon Thunderstorms!

Alright, it's Summer! never mind that is only June 18th......Summer has come with a vengeance to South Florida. I know this is far from the worst we could tropical storms yet! Still, the rains come down without fail every afternoon. It is so upsetting. I sit at my desk and look out at the bay. The sky is gray, the sea is gray, the clouds hang low.

All contributes to a sense of desolation that should not be part of Summer. This season means outdoor living, barbecues and late evenings sitting on your porch or balcony.... neighbors walking past your house, children playing outside and sunsets that come so late. Even the presence of bugs is a welcome sight, remember the fireflies? and the fact that school is out and families have more time together?

These are the images I have of Summer in this part of the world. My American friends always longed to come home for the Summer. They missed so much about this season, even if they lived in the Tropics. It is not the same, ever, they used to tell me. The slow movement from the dark Winter days, to the rebirth of Spring, to the glorious days of Summer has no parallel. Now, I am living in the States, but somehow the rhythm of the seasons doesn't applied to South Florida..... does anything? Never mind! So I'm back to the reality of the Summer season here: more or less sunny mornings and afternoon thunderstorms.

Consequently, I run my errands in the mornings, take a break for lunch and sit to write in the afternoons. Instead of walking outside, I go to the gym and use the treadmill. This has become my rhythm....adjusting is still taking time, but I am getting there!!!

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