Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day....or Labor Day in the rest of the world!

Yes, it is...Today is Labor Day all over the globe, except in the USA. Never mind that, the bottom line is that while everyone is working here, laboring at their jobs with the usual American tenacity........the rest of the world is having a holiday.

Talked to my sister Laura, who lives in Venezuela, this morning. She was getting ready to leave Caracas and spend the next four days at a friend's beach house. Friday just becomes a bridge between today and the weekend. Isn't that convenient? Anyway, I would love to do the same! True, you could take a short holiday now...but going to a hotel these days can set you back a few hundred dollars, and gasoline is so expensive, a long drive makes you feel so guilty! Besides, good beaches.... with white sands, clear waters and few people are a rarity on this side of Florida. So, forget that idea!

In Panama, everything is closed today; and, as in Venezuela, Friday will become just part of the weekend! Traveling abroad for such a short period is expensive; so friends and family, I have been in touch with, are planning to take it easy this weekend. Many will go to their weekend houses! Gasoline is expensive there too, but drives are shorter and getting away is important.

In Curaçao, they have five days off this year! Queen's Day was yesterday, celebrating the Netherlands' head of state: Queen Beatrix; today is Labor Day, tomorrow is a bridge that was given a purpose...Ascension Day! and of course, there is Saturday and Sunday. People will travel, if they can afford it, or they will go to their beach houses!!!

Noticed anything in common? besides the fact that the USA doesn't celebrate Labor Day with the rest of the world? Beach or weekend houses!! not timeshare units, not rented hotel rooms....houses, homes, property! Here in the States, having a second home or a vacation place is not as common. Really, how many people here do you know with a weekend house? Isn't that amazing? I am telling you, the more I think about it, the more I conclude: there is a better way of life that is more gentile, slower, healthier and definitely more fun!!!

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