Monday, August 13, 2007

So hot......maybe we need a good storm

That is exactly what we need. It's been brutally hot and one can almost touch the humidity...yuck! I know, everyone is now thinking the heat has gone to my brain. Well, not exactly. Rain is the cooling system of Mother Nature. When everything gets hot, temperatures soar and the earth is parched, a good downpour is the answer. It clears the air, everything looks clean and fresh.....remember the phrase "a break in the weather"?

I do miss that from the Tropics. Everything feels brand new after the first storm of the rainy season. All the dust and dirt wash away and the sky looks clear and bright. The earth drinks the moisture and everything comes back to life. I love the smell of wet earth, don't you? It says so many things: life, fertility, gratitude.

At this time of the year when you are coming back to the island after your holidays, as the plane approaches the airport, you can see the landscape, brown and dry. In a couple of weeks, after the break in the weather, everything changes to green and lush and the island looks so beautiful with its fresh cover. So, let's apply the same here: what we need is a good storm that will clear the air, make everything look fresh and new and will usher in the cooler weather!

P.D. It's August 14th now. What did I tell you? Coming out of the Coconut Grove public library this morning, it was raining! Waiting for it to diminish, I stood outside in the veranda that surrounds this very tropical building. The sound of the rain, the sprinkles of water, all felt wonderful! The temperature had cooled down considerably since I had arrived about an hour earlier.

I stayed there enjoying the sound and scent of the rain made even more familiar in this setting: a building that truly belongs in this climate, with shady trees around it and a sense of being suspended in another time. It will probably rain all afternoon, and you can feel everything getting clean and bright. I love it!!!!

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