Friday, August 17, 2007

Curaçao is outside DEAN's path

Hurricane season has peaked with a vengeance! DEAN is cutting a warpath in the Caribbean with high winds, torrential rains and destruction in its wake. Once more, Curaçao will be out of the danger zone. There probably will be a lot of rain and high surf. The authorities will secure the Queen Emma pontoon bridge across St. Anna Bay and everyone will be advised not to go in the ocean. Water will be rushing in the streets and some parts of the city will flood. Thankfully, that will be the extent of this.

Once the tally is taken in the nearby islands in the wake of the storm, the inhabitants of Curaçao will once again heave a sigh of relief. I always felt secure when I lived there. The storms were never something we really fear. We would take precautions and heed warnings issued by the government, of course. In the end, we would remember that the island has not been hit by a hurricane in more than one hundred years!

Now, living in Miami, I have developed this hurricane fear. Not only do I check to see if the storm is heading our way, but I check how close will it be to Curaçao. Four years in South Florida have taught me that no place is safe, and we all have to be aware of what's brewing in the Tropics! Is it my imagination or in recent years the storms are getting closer and closer to the Western most Leeward Islands and the coast of South America? Let's hope not!

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