Monday, November 14, 2011

Are older women not interesting.....really?

Back to my ranting ways. Have been reading a lot lately about the lives and doings of older women. Since I totally qualify for this one, I am enjoying myself...most of the time. Unfortunately, there is a very mistaken notion out there that we are not interesting, somehow our days are over. A man's opinion, I am sure! Who else could be so wrong?

Let's put it this way....we have arrived to a stage in life when we know ourselves well enough not to be afraid of being who we are....sounds like the lyrics of a sing, right? Well, they could be. Women of a certain age are awesome. No kidding here, we have wit, insight and flair. We know what we want and how to get it and we are not interested in appearing to be what we are not. From writers to bloggers, from professional to volunteers, from artists to housewives, from outgoing to shy, this is a group that is growing and demanding respect.

That is why, I cannot stay quiet. Too much attention is lavished on the young things that make the covers of magazines, star in reality shows and have nothing to contribute....but gossip! The fact that men are mostly in charge of these endeavours tells a story. Men have no idea, really, of what is going on. We have the financial power, we have more money to spend than the popular 18 to 35 demographic group. Surprised? You shouldn't be. We can spend more freely and do. We go on vacations, we go to concerts and the theater, we entertain and spend more when we go out to dinner, lunch or drinks, than that popular group. Men have not caught up with this fact. Yet, they assume (dangerous word) we are not interesting.

So for the fabulous women in this age group: let's write more about ourselves. Let's do more for each other and let's demand the respect we have earned and deserve! Let's display attitude, the right kind, of course.

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