Friday, July 22, 2011

My English share of Summer

A long time ago, I read this book about life in India under British Rule. The author had been born and raised there, this was her autobiography of sorts. At the beginning she quotes this short poem, author unknown, that talks about "my share of Summer". Loved the book, the story and kept the phrase. It comes so handy now...

My first week in London had everything: warm sunny days, a couple of rainy and cooler days and all the fun that this city can offer. Bridesmaids was a hilarious as we expected, with more than a hint of truth in the story. The theater lived up to expectations: reclining chairs, drinks and munchies, mostly ladies and a few brave guys. Loved it!

Then we went to visit Tim's mother....well, the day was cooler and we knew rain was coming, but never expected so much! No wonder the train ride to Wendover, in Buckinghamshire went through some of the greenest landscapes I have ever seen. Thatched-roofed cottages, tranquil sheep, gardens everywhere. Rained non stop and got cooler as the day progressed. Had lunch at a pub, went to an antique shop, had tea at Anne's home. She has a cozy cottage, with a beautiful garden. Going back, Camille and I had a grey ride and arrived home in the dark. I thought we have had our "share of Summer" by then. How wrong can one be?

The rest of the week was lovely and gave us time to just enjoy the city, dinner with some friends, drinks with others, some shopping for good measure. We had afternoon tea, inspired by London's fashion Week, it was so unique. Some pampering at Jo Malone and then it was the weekend again. A picnic in the park on Saturday started with sunny skies and warm temperatures, ended with a cooling breeze, dropping temperatures and great memories. A couple friends of Camille organize this picnic every year, first weekend in July in Hyde Park. There is a music festival at this time, so it is a festive atmosphere, really enjoyed it. Took for ever to get home since there were so many people coming out of the concert! Sunday was lovely again, sunny and warm and perfect for a brunch outdoors.

Soon it was Monday, fourth of July, so Camille and I had lunch at the Brown. Then dinner at the pub near the flat and it was Tuesday. Time had gone so fast! It was time to go and see Thelma. A reunion so many years in the making, we didn't dare talk about it too much, just in case it didn't happen!

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