Friday, June 17, 2011

All is Ready......

I am leaving in about five days...yes, my plans came to fruition and I am getting my trip ready. Now, that is a challenge indeed. When I lived in Curaçao, traveling was a given. Everyone I knew did took at least one trip a year. Those were the days.

You gave instructions to someone at a travel agency. The best way to get to where you where going was found, tickets booked. No sitting for hours trying to do this on your computer. There was no such thing as booking online......How civilized! Then you picked up your tickets, went home and started to get your things ready. Packing would be the harder thing you would do! Wonderful!

Instructions were given to the housekeeper....yes....back to that. It is a way of life in many countries to this day, you know. The house would be taken care of, if you had pets, they were taken care of...and if you were traveling alone, you didn't have to worry. Everything just went on as if you were there. Loved it! And when you got home, you slipped into your routine as if you had never left. Who wouldn't like that?

Nowadays, I have to plan everything, go to the supermarket, leave everything tidy. It's exhausting. When I finally get on the plane, I definitely need that vacation. It really makes you think: do I want to travel alone?...maybe not. We'll see how it goes this time. One thing is for sure, once I arrive in London, I am planning to enjoy every moment, same in Holland. This will be a trip to remember.

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