Friday, January 14, 2011

Miami Street Food Court

Our first time and I think, we got the hang of it. Got to see how it works, sampled some things, skipped others, had a good time. My sisters and son came along. The night was more than cool, but not unreasonably cold. There were lots of people and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Everyone very casually dressed, jeans, sweatshirts, comfortable shoes. Young couples with children having a night out, a real treat I'm sure. Young people in groups joking and sampling everything. Older folks enjoying the opportunity of a something different to do on a weekday. This is s splendid idea!

The routine appeared to be well established: you walk around, see what is offered at that particular spot, that particular night. Then you just order what appeals to you and move on. If something is very good, you repeat! Last night we tried the Cuban frita, tacos, a grilled cheese sandwich and a crackling duck sandwich. There was espresso and soft drinks and, of course, dessert.

The tacos were sampled first at Latin Burger and Taco...excellent and tasted so authentic. The best of the night. My son and husband tried the frita at El Mago de Las Fritas/Burger Beast...tasty, but greasy and too big to just sample. The crackling duck sandwich from Dim Ssäm à gogo was different, spicy and sweet at the same time. I enjoyed it even though one of my sisters complained of the bread. Then we had the grilled cheese at Ms. Cheezious.....made the old-fashioned way, toasted and buttery, it was very good. Espressos were on target and the small cupcakes from Sugar Rush just right to end the evening.

Despite the unusual coolness, we had a very pleasant experience. I would like to go again because I found there were too many burger and grill places. More variety would be great and I hear there are many of these food trucks out there. Overall, what was offered was delicious as a whole and the atmosphere added to the enjoyment. I would recommend these events; they give the city a new face.

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