Saturday, October 23, 2010


When we lived in Curacao, Saturdays were not my favorite. After the hectic week, the grocery shopping, the committee meetings, the office, and not that I didn't do fun things: Wednesday bridge, Thursday Happy Hour, Friday at the movies....Frankie went to the office in the morning, came home, had lunch....later, went to play tennis at the club. I usually went together with my friend Kathy for breakfast, wandered around shopping or visiting, came home for lunch....went walking with friends in the late afternoon.

If there was a wedding, a birthday party, dinner with friends, it was a good Saturday. We plowed along, waited. There was the certainty of friends always there, the week was busy and engaging, Sundays were relaxing and there was the beach. Still Saturday was not completely fulfilling. Once the decision was made to move to Miami, I was looking forward to a change in Saturdays......well...NEEE!

When we first moved, we went to the movies every weekend, had drinks at some nice spot, walked around the island after dinner. Not much difference from Curaçao, but Frankie said all would changed once we settled in our new home. I was skeptical, and I was right! As in every place you live, you have to do your own thing, there is no guaranty anyone will look you up.....not even family.

Nowadays, Miami's Saturdays have become a routine: tennis in the morning, brunch, errands or, better yet, in good weather (not all the time!) sitting by the pool. Church, dinner, television..ugh! Do not get me wrong: there are tons of things to do here, it is just you wander sometimes who to do them with. Sharing is not part of this city's culture, I guess. Seems I forgot the Golden Rule: bloom where you are planted!!!. Definitely needed a reminder and should start planning ahead for Saturdays.

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