Friday, September 17, 2010


The fact that is Friday is enticing to many. It used to be to me too.....but now I live in Miami. I know, many would give a lot to live here, but is overrated! There are places to go, restaurants to explore, theater, galleries, movies. There is the beach, the river, the bay, the sunsets, yes, there are all those things. Unfortunately, there is also the crazy traffic, the rush, the fast pace going nowhere, the lack of warmth, the indifference, the keeping up with th eJoneses. You can choose from so many things to do, that most of us end doing nothing on weekends! Same old thing: out to dinner, movies, walks, galleries....and back home. Not very exciting since there are few people to share the excitement with....

In many big cities this is true, so I don't think anyone is surprised, are you? Of course not! Somehow it is not for me....I yearn for the place where I have true friends, people to share happy things with. Was in Curaçao again, at the end of August. Just for four days, quick trip. Went out every night, played bridge, had long conversations, saw friends I haven't seen in years....and different ones from last time. Is it the fact that life is more laid-back there? is it the fact that you need to make your own fun there and that gives you initiative? I have no clue...but it is more fun for sure!

Since coming back, I have been so, deadlines, the house. No time to really sit down and miss anything. My sisters were both here, lots to talk about, to plan, to laugh about. Now they are traveling, so back to boring weekends. It will pass, I'm sure, but for this weekend: NEEE..

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Tracie_Miami said...

I like that you are descriptive and make the right points. This city is overrated. Most people visit for South Beach and leave only to say Miami was great misleading others to want to relocate to Miami. The beach and city are not the same. Sure everybody has a good time when alcohol is involved.

I haven't made much friends here either but keep in touch with them and family. It's the only thing that keeps me from going insane. Ha. It's amusing and odd when they hear what I have to say. I remember telling my husband that the negative energy here was making me sick the first year. It took a whole year just for my coworkers to warm up to me. Talking about giving me a chance. To make it worse, I don't stay in touch with them, guess they didn't really give me a chance.

I started a blog to add my experiences because it needs to be out there. Glad your sharing your experiences in this city.