Monday, July 12, 2010

The World Cup and other exciting things....

After a month of excitement, the World Cup is over. It ended today in a sad note for us: Dutch by birth or by choice. The team played so well, didn't loose a game, scored when it was needed and even ousted the ever-favorite of the world: Brazil! It gave us hope of having the Cup travel back to the Netherlands.....wishful thinking! FIFA, to begin with, had other plans...I am sure.

Let's see, Brazil, the world's favorite, and Spain, the European champions were put on a collision course....they were to be the final teams standing. The Dutch sort of derailed this......Oh, no!! Not well received, I'm sure, but accepted. Today, Spain faced up against them and...won. Don't like to sound like a complainer, but really...the referee was a total nincompoop. He gave yellow cards up and down, mostly to the Dutch, he ignored things, failed to give corners...what to do? I don't want to think about it today. One thing is sure, this was the third time the Dutch went to the finals, losing every time.. Things come in three, maybe the obstacle is gone....who knows.

On Tuesday, I am going to Curaç looking forward to this trip. I will visit, go to the beach, enjoy my friends, hear the latest gossip, have a ball. Everything has been planned and friends have been informed. Know who, when and why. Definitely, time to relax, recharge my batteries and get back to Miami refreshed!!!! The World Cup will be a distant event by then, other things would have taken its place.....can't wait!

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Pratishtha Durga said...

Awww Merc... Can't say I am complaining. I love the Spanish team, and did a little dance when they won. Not to say that the Dutch team wasn't awesome.