Friday, December 4, 2009


I know, it's December....everyone should be in the Christmas Spirit, but not this year, not in the same way as in other years. Should we be surprised? It's the economy, stupid....has become again the focal point in most people's lives. And with very good reasons: unemployment is at 10% (some places even higher), consumer confidence is non-existent, there are two wars what are we to do?

December has always been a favorite month with our family. Celebrations, family reunions, gifts exchanges, Holiday and drinks!!! While we lived in Curacao, this was my favorite time, especially after the children came to study in the States. They would come back to the island for Christmas. I would decorate the house, all of it, with fairy lights and holly (artificial of course!!), we would plan get-togethers and visits to friends. I would cook non-stop and made sure there was always food and drinks available. All the youngsters would be home for the Holidays and the island was one big party. Christmas Eve was for family...but ended in a party. Fireworks would light the skies on the 31st to welcome the New Year and we would end New Year's day on the beach

Remembering that is why I am a bit torn this year. My daughter cannot make it to Miami. I am putting my best foot forward and going to London to see her. Sort of like a mini-reunion....husband and son are still undecided about their plans. Right there, it's a big difference in our family's celebrations. The girls in one place, the guys in another. Makes me sad. We try to be together for this Season, every year. We have been successful 99.9% of the time: in 2002 my son and husband got to Curaçao on December 27th and in 2007 my daughter stayed in London for Christmas, I joined her for New Year's.......pretty good record I should say! Not this year.....What to do? Let's make the best of it. Still, it's December! The Season to be Jolly!

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