Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shopping in Miami

I am exhausted! My sister Laura is in town. She can enter a shopping competition and win hands down!......that sort of rhymes...... mmmmmmm!!! but it is an absolute truth and she is very good at it. Never one to pay full price if she can avoid it, she will go the distance looking for what she wants and always finds it. Not only that, but she'll get the best quality and the best price.

Early yesterday, well early for me!, I picked her up at our sister Ana's place and off we went. Of course, Florida weather had to play tricks on us rained! What is with this weather pattern this year? Laura was very organized and had everything written down. A girl after my own heart, I still do longhand lists for everything. Give me the chance to cross out what I did...and the opportunity to feel I have accomplished something because I see it in black and white! Here I go again, digressing....

We drove towards the NW and did some shopping at a vintage store. The things people give away! absolutely, someone's trash is someone else's treasure... It was already getting to be time for lunch, but there was no time to stop now, or in that neighborhood! So we drove down 27th Ave and on to Old Cuttler Road, one of the most beautiful roads in South Florida; pass Coconut Grove, into the Gables and finally out near The Falls Shopping Mall. True to her form, she wanted to continue, but I was starving. I treated her to a light lunch, of course it was already raining and the wind was blowing. Maybe not a bad day to be inside a store, I thought.

With lunch out of the way, we crossed the parking lot to the car.....getting wet in the process never mind the umbrella. On to TJMax.....another place where you can find everything like in a department store. We browse and talked, laughed and tried clothes on and waited for the sun to shine again. Did you know that you can find things from all over the world at this store? It's fabulous, especially for me that try very hard NOT to buy anything Made in China. My sister got linen blouses made in India and The Philippines, coffee mugs from England, four wooden spoons and a mortar from Italy, sandals made in Spain, silver bracelets from Thailand and cotton bedding made in the USA (didn't know that was still happening!)

Out into the sunny afternoon, we headed for.......more shopping! Laura is an exercise fanatic since she was a child. She used to walk around the table and the house several times after each meal. My mother thought her crazy! but time has proven my sister right, you need to exercise your calories away. Exercise clothes were next on the list and after that we did kitchen stuff. The sun hung in there and we finally started our way back home, again through Old Cuttler Road. The traffic going out of the city was unbelievable, I couldn't do this commuter thing in Miami.....or anywhere else for that matter!

The rain started again and we were still not finished. There were things to get at the drugstore, so that was our next stop. Fortunately we didn't stay too long, I was getting a tired and wanted to get home. I drove to my sister's home and helped her getting all the packages out and we said goodbye......not so soon.. I tried to start the car...and it didn't!!! The battery was dead and I had to call a special service we have, then wait for someone to come and start the car..... I was so mad! What a way to end the day! I can tell you, shopping is not my thing. One day like this and I have enough of shopping for a long while.....or until my sister comes back to visit. She always is so much fun, I can go out shopping again!!

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