Friday, February 15, 2008

Unique, Wonderful, Magical

I hope my friend Krissy doesn't get upset if I appropriate her words about Curaçao! I wrote to congratulate her on her upcoming trip to Korea.... Yes, these women just don't stop, I can hear it..... vacations, trips, traveling. They do not stop......and you'd be right.

Now let me tell you about Krissy and why she is on a trip half way around the globe.....she has been selected by FAWCO as one of 28 American women living around the wold who had made a difference in their new homes. When the project was put together months ago, all member clubs proposed candidates and AWCC proposed Krissy. Practically single handedly, she has raised awareness about autism in Curaçao, organized seminars, workshops, fundraisers and worked tirelessly for the foundation that she started when her son was diagnosed. No small achievement and so successful!! No one in our club deserved this more and she has put our island out there.......because she was selected and her profile and work are appearing in a fabulous book about those 28 women, living abroad, making a difference, just being concerned citizens of the world. We need so much more of them!!!!!!!!!!

When I wrote to congratulate her and tell her to have the time of her life at the FAWCO Conference in Seoul, take advantage of everything wonderful that would be offered, make new friends and everlasting memories, she answered in her typical way.....with capital letters, exclamations points, full of joy and laughter. She told me about these two broads ( she and I) from Curaçao that are having a ball writing books and going places and making a difference! How wonderful it is that we both ended up in this island that is UNIQUE, WONDERFUL AND MAGICAL!!!! (that is her quote) where we have made these amazing friendships that will bound us forever.

P.S. The book tittle is : Beyond Borders: Portraits of American Women around the world.
Go to the FAWCO website on My Favorites and check it out on their Book Recommendations.

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