Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Here I go!

After publishing my book last year, my publisher suggested I get my own website. Wishful thinking! I am not very good at anything technological, you could say I am computer challenged. So after much procrastinating, and then trying and trying, I was unable to get what I wanted. My son suggested this, a simple blog, to start with. So much easier he said... you were right! This was so easy and stress free. Now I have it and all I need to do is sit at my computer and write.... and writing I can do, it's second nature to me. So here I go!

Four years ago, my husband and I moved back to the States after more than twenty years living in Curaçao, a small Caribbean island that is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. As you can imagine, this was far from easy. Even though we moved to Miami and everyone told me the lifestyle was similar, the beaches beautiful and the people cosmopolitan. As we say in Dutch: NEE... to all the aforementioned. Not when you have lived in the Tropics. Florida can be beautiful, but it's a far cry from the real thing. I cannot help but miss what I left behind; probably always will.

So this is what the blog is all about. Ramblings on the things I no longer enjoy and a venue to write about them and share them with others like myself. Don't get me wrong! This is not about whining, comparing or complaining, this is about reminiscing. And reminisce I'll do! Hopefully, you will share your memories, experiences and anecdotes of your life in the Tropics.


hemtco said...

Great job! Very proud of you, except for burning the midnight oil! We know you are a night owl. Keep on writing!

islandfever104 said...

Nice blog, Mercedes